e-health stands for the initialization of information and communication technology in field of health. Providing a dynamic space for making the best use of IT and internet, Kara was established in 2018 in order to satisfy the demands of all people, including patients, medical teams and components of health industry as accurate, quick and innovative as possible.

Kara provides technical and specialized accelerating services to innovative startups in all fields of health and medicine.

Fields of Activity

  • Medicine and Treatment
  • Genetics
  • Nutrition and Food Security
  • Pharmaceutical Products and Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Fitness
  • Herbal and Traditional Medicine
  • Environment
  • IOT
  • Training
  • Health Tourism
  • Mental Health
Any other innovative idea is accepted

Kara Services

Initial investment

Equipped share work space

Technical consulting

Mentoring and training


Invited for interview
Accepted and invested